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About us

What we believe

Our mission

Shopping is one of the most challenging and rewarding human activities: we shop as a way of fighting boredom or a bad mood, as a way of spending time with friends or seeking self-assurance.

As a shopper relation agency, Mojo creates retail & hospitality concepts where brands and shoppers connect in the most direct and tangible way.

With years of experience, our highly talented and passionate team delivers creative and effective retail concepts on time within the budget.
We build shop and hospitality concepts, branded environments and product presentations in a 361° approach (consultancy, design and execution) across many industries.

What we do

Our services

Mojo strongly believes that good retail and hospitality concepts should go beyond good-looking or innovative design and functionalities. Good concepts should generate store traffic, should connect shoppers with brands in a long-term relationship, should generate sales and should be cost-effective.

Therefore Mojo explicitly chooses to be a full service partner to support your concept development all the way, from consultancy over design to production and implementation.

Get to know Mojo’s

CoDE 👉

Because uninformed visions rarely win


If you are not winning at retail it is not because of a lack of investment. It may be for a lack of insights. At Mojo we combine scientific proven insights with a vast experience and staying up-to-date with trends and retail evolutions.

We offer you cut-to-size consultancy projects and a range of essential modules, always tailored to your business strategy challenge. These projects will help you making the right choices and will drive eventually your brand and/or store performance.

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  • cross-channel retail
  • retail formats
  • retail branding and positioning
  • shopper diagnostics
  • concept development & testing
  • shop assessment
  • cut-to-size consultancy projects
  • mystery visits
  • shopper research
  • expert interviews
  • workshops
  • trend watching
  • store checks
  • desk research
Because cutting edge shops are storytellers


Following the heartbeat of our experience economy, building on knowledge and creativity, we tell stories that come straight from the brand’s soul, aspiring to be at the cutting edge of new, better and durable relations.

Stretching our imagination is not the only part of the job. We always go for design that works, creating effective solutions. Good design starts at the moment we understand your brand and your market.

Passionate designers build concepts and mold every single detail of the big idea. They think logos and lay-outs, furniture, decoration, shop renovation, lighting fittings and furniture fixtures. You see moodboards, sketches and 3D renderings.

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Design spectrum:
  • shop concepts
  • branded environments
  • kiosks
  • product presentation
  • shelf fitting
Design disciplines:
  • concept creation
  • 3D visualisation
  • graphical design
Because efficient execution brings concepts alive


3D ideas might make you dream. Our project management team translates the design team’s creations into a transparent package. Detailed planning, on-time delivery, detailed budget control and continual contact with the client are just some of the aspects the team focuses on. From beginning to end, the team ensures the smooth passage of the project. And projects we haven’t designed get the same treatment.

Therefore a specialized team coordinates all builders, constructors, carpenters, plummers, electricians, writers, photographers and printers. To make your dream come true. To make your business grow.

Why we do

Corporate & social responsibility

A global marketplace, consumerism running wild and fast changing ways of communication. Within this madhouse, the self-conscious shopper is searching for values and anchor points. Against this background, Mojo wants to make full use of its social possibilities.

Therefore Mojo supports different social and eco-driven CSR projects e.g. Plan Belgium and Komosie (Kringwinkel), involving its entire team of dedicated people. So we developed a retail manual for Kringwinkels, trained shop managers and designed and implemented a new Kringwinkel in Mechelen.

Who we are

Our experts

Steven Jannes
Creative director

As creative director and managing partner, Steven steers and stimulates his design team and sets the scene for innovative work. With his thorough production knowledge he guarantees realistic design relevant to his clients. Graduated in Industrial Design at HAIR in 1994, he has been working, amongst others, on projects for Aveve, Niko, Sweet Paradise, AS Adventure, ea.

Pascal Libyn
Pascal Libyn
Managing partner

In 1993 Pascal launched Risc, an agency for Real In Store Communication. Meanwhile he made the agency grow and evolve to what Mojo is today. Graduated at the Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School, he built a deep knowledge and an extended network in the retail universe. As managing director he's the driving spirit behind his team.

Manon Bossu
Marketing Communications Specialist
Chef & Sommelier
Brand Space Designer